Clearly Defined UofMed Advantages


Favored by Students

We will prove that students prefer our personalized learning.


Better Outcomes

We are confident that students’ standardized test scores will improve with our enriched and personalized learning.



This model should reduce costs for medical schools.

Why Not Just Wait a Few Years to See How Our App Works Out?

Our investors have asked us to demonstrate to them that there is clear interest in personalized learning. We are therefore incentivizing schools to partner with us to help us raise capital to begin production of the app.

Partner With Us Now for Peace of Mind…

No obligation/no risk:

After the one-time Partnership Fee (which our investors have asked us to collect to confirm medical school interest) there is no risk or obligation. UofMed’s investors are assuming all the financial risk. Partner Schools can elect to remain anonymous.

Insurance against a potential massive new educational expense:

All schools will need to provide digital content for their students in the coming years. Since no school will be able to produce this on their own, they will need to purchase it from third parties, a huge new expense we estimate will cost $7-10,000 per student per year. Founding Partner schools will receive  two years of free access to the app  and deep permanent discounts thereafter.

Help shape the future of pre-clinical medical education:

Personalized learning is coming with or without any individual school. Be a part of the most important medical education development since the Flexner Report!

Generate new revenue from existing content:

For those Partner Schools that possess high-quality content , UofMed can lease these materials for distribution to other medical schools in the US and abroad. The originating school will be compensated based on usage.

Academic Research:

Partner Schools can participate in academic research related to personalized learning.

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